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Sustainability through Additive Manufacturing

Our Response to COVID-19

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“25% of US manufacturers are preparing to change their supply chains in response to the pandemic and 3-D printing is among the top options.” 


— Based on SME Media Study, April 2020

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Our Story

In May 2019, Energy Scalable was founded as a Public Benefit Corporation to be a catalyst for accelerating sustainable energy through research and innovation. As a technology-based social enterprise, Energy Scalable is driven by a systems-approach to solve sustainability challenges. We evolved out of the necessity of addressing risks to our supply chain in a post-pandemic world to support a secured and sustainable future.


Our vision and response to the pandemic was to evolve as an organization and help enhance value creation through the sustainability potential of Additive Manufacturing (AM). To support our vision, our core activities involve research and data driven assessments of AM material, energy, and process flows to leverage socio-economic and environmental impact potential of AM for a more sustainable world. 



We are proud to collaborate with the NextManufacturing Center for Additive Manufacturing at Carnegie Mellon University for research on additive manufacturing processes.



Leveraging Additive Manufacturing for Sustainability

Use Case Exploration:

Geothermal Energy

Additive Manufacturing for Clean Energy

Energy Scalable submitted an innovative design concept towards the American-Made Geothermal Manufacturing Prize launched by National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and US Department of Energy. In our proposal, we explored advanced material characterization and Additive Manufacturing for high-temperature environments commonly found in Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS). EGS have a potential to contribute 100,000 MWe of baseload electric generating capacity by 2050 (MIT Report, 2006) - much of this sustainable energy potential can be tapped by leveraging additive manufacturing for geothermal applications. 

See the Letter of Support from our research partner, the NextManufacturing Center for Additive Manufacturing at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA.


Latest Insights



Energy Consumption in Additive Manufacturing:

Opportunities and Challenges

Additive Manufacturing (AM) offers cost savings and modularity benefits however AM methods are also energy-intensive. Several advances are being made to address energy optimization in AM methods and systems. Our latest project involves evaluation of energy consumption needs of various AM processes and systems to identify the opportunities and challenges in accelerating the role of AM in sustainability. 


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