How Sustainability Stories Drive Your Business Growth

Businesses around the world are embracing sustainability. Being a sustainable business is not a trend but a necessity if you want to define how your customers interact and engage with your business. Besides building a positive reputation for your business, sustainability can help enhance your bottom line - if only you could tell it through a story.

There are many companies pursuing sustainable initiatives but only some can bank on enhanced return on investment (ROI) from customer engagement resulting from such initiatives. Several medium to large companies have succeeded by investing in a long-term sustainability and marketing strategy.

Businesses can achieve better customer retention by harnessing the power of storytelling for their sustainability efforts. As consumers are developing a preference to buy from more responsible businesses, sustainable practices in your business when communicated well can help you leverage this growing market opportunity.

Let's walk through an example LED upgrade at your store - one of the early steps your business has taken towards sustainability. You have spent a significant amount of time, resources, and money on making that big LED lighting upgrade happen.

Yes, it has brought you operational savings from reduced energy consumption and your employees know about it, perhaps you even shared a picture of your upgraded lighting on social media but how many new customers have you earned from this investment? If the answer is none or few, you should rethink ways of engaging your customers.

Stories Engage Your Customers

It is important to build meaningful engagements with your customer not just after a successful project but even before and during a sustainable initiative. This is where a story can help - it helps customers see your sustainability journey through the eyes of your business.

When customers see you take the leap, they are more likely to believe you, relate with your goals and support your business. According to a research by MSL Group, 83% of global millennials want brands and companies to become more active in solving the world’s challenges.

You can meet future expectations better by embracing storytelling as a tool now to demonstrate your actions.

Stories Build Social Presence

Although there are several ways to tell a story, we will only talk about digital storytelling on this blog. To be honest, printing posters, paper publications or physical brochures is just not cool, not in a sustainable business.

Infact, case studies and long form essays in digital content, although valuable from a search engine optimization perspective, can sometimes seem dry and less interesting to your target audience.

The key to building a strong social identity for your business involves getting the key point across concisely using attractive images, text, audio, or video formats such that they guide traffic back to your business website and create leads that convert.

A 2015 study by Microsoft Corp. pointed out the decreasing attention span of human brain, being even lesser than that of a gold fish. Your digital strategy needs to adapt and evolve accordingly - storytelling makes it possible.

Across social media platforms, stories are being used to generate call-to-action through the click of a button. Snapchat, the first social media to pioneer digital stories (using slider images) now has a StoryAds feature. Instagram and Facebook also have stories in their feeds. Your buyers are more influenced by their peers, social circle and norms than anything else.

Stories help Drive Change

As humans when we hear stories about other's achievements and struggles, they inspire and challenge us to do better. Traditionally, stories have passed knowledge and wisdom across ages.

Stories have served their purpose by making us aware, igniting our creativity, creating memories, and empowering us to enact positive change, thereby providing us with the best medium to communicate impact.

If you are tired of putting resources into marketing campaigns that aren't growth-driven, investing in a marketing campaign like storytelling can deliver the true value behind your social and environmental impact. As an organization for public good, Energy Scalable is driven by purpose.

Reach out to us to see how your business could attract more customers leveraging your existing efforts towards sustainability and how you can get started with a sustainability strategy.

With every step that you take, you are building a great story - now it's your time to tell it.

Start a conversation with us at and leverage sustainability stories for growing your business.

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